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about fetch

Fetch is an all-round influencer app that links brands to influencers with the help of local PR experts in a straightforward, targeted and easy-going way. 

Straightforward, because brands can send out campaign briefs that clearly state the tasks for the influencer to complete, the time frame to complete them as well as the incentive he/she will receive when all tasks are accomplished within the given time frame. Selected Influencers can easily accept or decline proposed campaign briefs or even pitch new ideas to the brand. The app also provides an overview of previous, current and future campaigns as well as their results (i.e. the Instagram posts, stories, vlogs, etc. generated by influencers for a certain campaign).

Targeted, because campaign offers are only sent out to selected influencers without notifying others. Only the influencers selected by the PR experts will be able to see the campaign brief in their feed. This way influencers who’d like to work with the brand, but aren’t a right fit don’t have to be declined and feelings won’t get hurt. This important feature differentiates fetch from other influencer platforms.

Easy-going, because fetch makes it easier to reach out to possible brand builders and saves both brands and influencers a whole lot of emails. Influencers can sign up for the app and connect their social media accounts to it providing immediate and real-time statistics. Insights that otherwise have to be delivered after the campaign by the influencer him/herself. Fetch also offers a digital showroom where influencers can pick out clothing, beauty products, food, etc. (depending on the products represented by the pr agency) in return for social media posts, vlogs, event attendances, etc. All products are worth a number of credits defined by the agency and users/influencers are appointed a certain amount of credits too. Meaning the agency can give a greater amount of credits to influencers with high reach as opposed to smaller profiles or however fits the brand’s influencer strategy.

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